Corporate philosophy

Aiming to be a truly international company that contributes to society
BCC Corporation is a truly international company that grows through socially meaningful work, fulfills its responsibilities not only to local people, but also to local communities, countries, the earth, and the natural environment, and works together in harmony to contribute to society. We will continue to strive towards this goal

Corporate Policy

Our company's management activities shall be based on standard principles.*Standard principles = company management philosophy, policies, company regulations, company rules, manuals, etc. Laws, norms, etc. in society.
Our company's corporate culture is to put merit first, and our motto is high efficiency. However, the company always aims for ``high profits,'' ``high wages,'' and ``high dividends.''
Our company uses plans created based on scientific evidence as management indicators, and all management activities are carried out by repeating the PDC.
Our company values ​​people. In other words, we will respect the personality of everyone who works for our company fairly, and support each individual so that they can make the most of their individuality through their work, grow as professionals, and lead fulfilling lives as members of society